About Lasergame

Basic information


  • Infinitely variable range adjustment from one centimetre up to 1,000 metres
  • Scatter can be calibrated by weapon type
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor play
  • High flexibility – only a laptop is needed for game organisation
  • Freely programmable guns: more than 100 characters and weapon types can be individually configured
  • Up to seven weapons and features for every player
  • High-quality sound, individual sound effects for every conceivable action (hits, weapon switch, reloading, game over, etc.)
  • Weather-proof and water-resistant
  • Infrared – means the game can be played ANYWHERE: at parks, in the city centre, in forests or by a lake
  • No age restrictions and no official permit required
  • High-performance batteries for long-lasting Lasergame fun
  • Ergonomic shape, balanced weight distribution
  • Wireless game evaluation in seconds via Bluetooth
  • Detailed player-specific statistics


  • In addition to our standard equipment, we also offer various gadgets to make the game even more interesting and exciting. They can also be optionally used for large events; this means guests can play different versions of Lasergame. This is also a tool for management of waiting players and prevents unnecessary wait times.
  • Trainer: mobile gadget for response and shot accuracy. Can trigger effects such as a smoke machine or door opener. Ideal for children.
  • Laserdroid: Smartphone app for drone start (tracking players), team communication, GPS games, and much more.
  • Reload Dongle: magazine for physical reloading – alternatively can be done at the push of a button.
  • Respawn Dongle: a plug that can bring players back to life. Located at fixed locations throughout the playing field.
  • Communication devices with headsets: very important for internal team communication on large outdoor fields.
  • Gamebox: multifunctional device for various play modes, such as King-of-the-Hill and Bomb Defuse; can also heal and provide ammunition.


Our SupAirs are inflatable, mobile obstacles. They come in civilian shapes and colours, as well as military designs, such as tanks, barrels and wall remnants. They can be used to rapidly set up Lasergame playing fields in locations that would otherwise be unsuitable, due to a lack of cover, for example – such as trade fair halls, parks or conference rooms. Our wide variety of SupAirs makes it possible.

+tents and structure

  • Lasergame products and options really shine with sophisticated surroundings. That’s why we offer trusses, tents and stage structures to keep guests and visitors focused on Lasergame, so everyone gets the most out of their experience.
  • Tents: various sizes, up to five metres in diameter, visually appealing with Lasergame design; suitable for outdoor use – sure to attract attention at festivals, trade fair halls.
  • Trusses and scaffolds: various sizes, up to six metres in height, for displaying banners or advertising near or on the Lasergame playing field.
  • Seating area and lounge: comfortable furniture for separate areas adjacent to the Lasergame playing field; for VIP spectators or players; can be combined with a tent or located on a raised stage.

Software and equipment


  • We have developed new, easy to use software for control and configuration of play. The interface provides countless options for developing game modes or entire scenarios, as well as creating game characters.
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Configuration of individual characters
  • Definition of all game parameters – such as life force points, armour, game time, number of characteristics, commando abilities, etc.
  • Detailed evaluation of every game and player.
  • Results can be viewed on the screen or as a PDF.


Lasergame Germany has developed and constructed its own distinctive products for professional use in clubs or Lasergame arenas, at trade fairs and events, as well as for use as part of team-building exercises. Official permits are usually not required thanks to the special design and countless sound files, which further ensure the equipment isn’t mistaken for real weaponry. Moreover, players don’t require any protective gear and there’s no age limitation with our equipment.
The aluminium housing is powder-coated and weather-resistant: the equipment easily stands up to rain, heat and cold. The sensor headband is waterproof and remains functional even under water.
Our own proprietary software developed in-house makes the system tremendously flexible.

It can be used indoors or outdoors, in any location. Short games in a large indoor space are just as possible as open-air scenarios lasting many hours. High-performance batteries in the guns ensure long-lasting fun. The whole system is extremely convenient: the laptop running the software easily fits in most backpacks; aside from each player’s equipment, nothing more is required for unlimited fun.


Before the game begins, the names of the players are entered into the PC software, along with their gun IDs. This makes it possible to produce an individual evaluation for every player at any time.
Next, a game mode is selected and the parameters saved in the PC software. At this point, the players also configure their characters (sniper, trooper, supply, etc.) and select special powers (armour, healing, etc.). After this, the game can begin. The game setup is downloaded to the guns via Bluetooth and the “run and hide” phase begins. The players use this time before the game actually begins to take up their starting positions.
Once the “run and hide” phase is over, all of the players’ equipment automatically activates and they’re off!

From then on, all players can use the abilities associated with their selected character class in order to achieve the game objective, which was initially decided on. When a player’s life force points reach zero, the Respawn period begins – a penalty time during which the player cannot actively engage in the game play. Once this period has ended, the player can participate again as before.
When the pre-determined game time is over, the guns switch to “game over” mode; all players meet at the starting point and receive their evaluations. The PC software uses the entire data pool to compile statistics for each individual player, including total number of shots, number of hits, bonus goals achieved and hit rate. In addition, information is provided about which players hit which other players, and how often. The statistics are also made available to the players as a PDF file.

Game modes

+Bomb Defuse

Bomb Defusing

One team hides the activated Code Timer and must prevent the other team from defusing it. A classic game, well-known from Counter Strike!



A great mode for new players and for warming up. The teams play against one another with sufficient ammunition and HP. All of the equipment may be used. The objective of the game is to take opponents out of the game.



This is a normal two-team Deathmatch with one difference: before the game begins, one member from each team is secretly and randomly selected to act as the traitor. During the whole game, this player plays against their actual team and must try to remain undiscovered for as long as possible. They always make their moves behind the back of their “teammates”. To make this mode possible, the hit detection feature is deactivated before the game; this usually displays the identity of the last player to score a hit against a player.

+Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag

Another two-team mode. The objective is for one team to capture the opponents’ flag and carry it to their own starting base.



The name says is all: each player has 2 HP and 1 shot in their magazine. An extremely exciting and nerve-wracking mode!

+King Of The Hill

King Of The Hill

The objective of this mode is to occupy specific positions on the playing field for as long as possible. For this purpose, clocks are distributed throughout the playing field. If a player reaches the clock, they must activate it for their team and attempt to prevent the opponents from reaching it. The team that is able to hold the clock for the longest time overall, wins.

+GPS Mission

GPS Mission

Players use our “tacDroid” smartphone app to orient themselves on very large playing fields of more than 100 ha. Mission objectives are determined in advance or communicated live using tacDroid. Depending on the objective, the teams meet at certain positions or a certain position must be held at a certain pre-determined time. The game usually lasts for several hours.


Don´t play games..

  • Perfekt für in- und outdoor Einsätze
  • Reichweite stufenlos von einem Zentimeter bis 1.000 Meter einstellbar
  • Infrarot – daher ÜBERALL spielbar, egal ob Park, Stadtzentrum, Wald oder am See
  • Ohne Altersbeschränkung und behördlicher Genehmigung einsetzbar
  • Hohe Flexibilität – Spielorganisation mit nur einem Laptop möglich
  • Wetterfest und wassergeschützt
  • Frei programmierbare Guns: über 100 Charaktere und Waffentypen individuell erstellbar
  • Spielauswertung kabellos in Sekunden über Bluetooth
  • Detaillierte spielerbezogene Statistiken u.v.m.

Lasergame Gang



Lasertag (also known as laser tag or Laser Quest) is a game where rules are similar to those of cops and robbers or paintball. The names lasertag, laser tag, laser or Quest refer to the technology used: lasers, or rather infrared light. Our equipment is manufactured by Lasergame Germany – the only German manufacturer for Lasergame, Laser Game, Laser Tag or Laser Quest equipment.


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