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Don´t play games..

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • The laser beam range can be adjusted as needed from one centimeter to 1,000 meters
  • With infrared technology, it can be played ANYWHERE: in a park, city center, woods or at a lake.
  • There is no age restriction, and it can be used without an official permit
  • Highly flexible – only a laptop is needed to organize the game
  • Weather-proof and water-resistant
  • Easily programmable guns: more than 100 characters and types of weapons that can be individually configured
  • Game results are wirelessly transferred via Bluetooth within seconds
  • Detailed statistics on each player and much more



Lasertag (also known as laser tag or Laser Quest) is a game where rules are similar to those of cops and robbers or paintball. The names lasertag, laser tag, laser or Quest refer to the technology used: lasers, or rather infrared light. Our equipment is manufactured by Lasergame Germany – the only German manufacturer for Lasergame, Laser Game, Laser Tag or Laser Quest equipment.


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